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Prof. Tapas Dasgupta's profile

Name : Prof. Tapas Dasgupta

Designation : Visiting Faculty
Qualification : PhD
Subject : Agriculture
Department Name : Biological Science
Email ID : Nill
Address :

Degree name Institute Year of passing/awarded
B.Sc( Agriculture) Hons Bidhan Chandra Krishi Viswavidyalaya
M.Sc. ( Ag.) Bidhan Chandra Krishi Viswavidyalaya 1977
Ph.D (Genetics and Plant Breeding) Bidhan Chandra Krishi Viswavidyalaya 1984
  • Professor, Ramakrishna Mission Vivekananda University, 2017 ( April)-continuing  Professor, University of Calcutta 2012-2017 ( March)  Visiting Fellow , CIRAD, France 2010 for 3 months  Marie-Curie International Incoming Fellow by European Commi
Field of Specialization Research Area/ Areas of Interest
Genetics and Plant Breeding Breeding high yielding and good cooking quality rice variety and hybrid rice.  Identifying submergence tolerant lines and submergence QTL utilizing local genetic resources in rice (CU-IRRI- Chinsurah Rice Research Institute)  Development of export
Sl no. Subject
1 Genetics and Plant Breeding

International Publication

Sl no. Title Author Journal Name ISBN/ISSN Page No/Internet DOI Impact Factor Year Link
1 Genotypic Variation of Microelements Concentration in Sesame (Sesamum indicum L.) Mini Core Collection S. K. Pandey, E Majumder and Tapash Dasgupta Agricultural Research 2017
2 Assessing the labile arsenic pool in contaminated paddy soils by isotopic dilution techniques and simple extractions JL Stroud,, AM Khan, GJ Norton, MR Islam, Tapash Dasgupta, YG Zhu, AH Price, AA Meharg, SP McGrath, FJ Zhao Environmental Science and Technology 2011
3 T.Begum and T. Dasgupta Bangladesh Journal of Genetics and Biotechnol 2006
4 Genetic analysis of characters in chickpea .II.Estimates of genetic agronomic variance fron line x tester mating design O. Singh , C. L. L. Gowda ,S.C. Sethi , T. Dasgupta , J. Kumar and J. B. Smithson Theoretical and Applied Genetics 1993
5 Genetic analysis of agronomic characters in chickpea .I. Estimates of genetic variances from diallel mating designs O. Singh , C. L. L. Gowda ,S.C. Sethi and T. Dasgupta Theoretical and Applied Genetics NAAS(9.51)

National Publication

Sl no. Title Author Journal Name ISBN/ISSN Page No/Internet DOI Impact Factor Year Link
1 Combining ability in blackgram Indrani Dana and Tapash Dasgupta Indian J of Genetics and Plant Breeding NAAS(6.28) 6.28
2 Multivariate analysis in blackgram T. Dasgupta and P. K. Das Indian Journal of Genetics and Plant Breeding NAAS(6.19) 1984
Sl no. Scholar name Thesis title Co-Supervisor Status Completion year
1 PhD Scolars-15
Sl no. Project title Worked as Funding Agency Amount in Rs. Duration in years Period Status
1 Directorate of Agriculture, Govt. of West Bengal funded project on” Screening of bread wheat varieties in boron deficient soil of North Bengal” (1991-1994 ) (Co-PI) Dept. of Science & Technology, Govt. of West Bengal funded project with Prof. Pranab
2 duced mutation of wheat seeded sesame for developing early duration high yielding lines adaptable to agro-climatic condition of West Bengal” 2009-2013. ( PI) University Grant Commission sponsored major project on “Genetic divergence among genotypes a
  • Life member , Indian Society of Genetics and Plant Breeding, IARI, New Delhi  Life member, Indian Science Congress Association, Kolkata  Member, Society of Breeding Research for Asia and Oceania  Life member, The Agricultural Society of India