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Research and Development


Research is the backbone of academics. It simplifies the concept building activities and transforms new ideas into innovations in pursuance of a new era of passion for researches. Each finding gives immense pleasure and multiplies enthusiasm towards achieving the target.
The Research and Development Cell under MCC aims to nurture research culture in the College by promoting research in newly emerging and challenging areas of Science and Humanities. It encourages the students and faculty members to undertake the research in newly emerging frontier areas of Science and Humanities including multidisciplinary fields. This enhances the general research capability of budding technocrats and researchers by way of participating in conferences, seminars, workshops, project competition, etc.

Mission, Vision, Aims & Objectives

  1. MISSION  
    To enrich the existing knowledge bank at the ‘State and National’ level, to motivate and inspire the young generation of the community in research and development in connection with expansion of higher education linked with up gradation of society from the view point of Science and Humanities towards the global level and to link the R & D sectors with the employment sectors through entrepreneurship development.


    Quality and skilled human resource generation in ‘Science and Humanities’ for socio-economical and cultural changes of the community with special reference to rural sector by transferring the research output from institute to the field for holistic up gradation of empowerment and enrichment at district, state and national level by conducting interdisciplinary and cross disciplinary research.


    To take initiative for conduction of basic, applied and cross disciplinary research in different domain of science and humanities with special emphasis on community need and demand for improving knowledge bank and to potentiate the societal up gradation covering – (a) Public health and agricultural up gradation, (b) Productive materials like Nano-particle and super molecules, and their applications, (c) Molecular biology and biotechnology including proteomic, genomics, and metabolomics with Nutraceuticals research, (d) Environment protection with bio-safety, (e) Folk culture and tribal studies, (f) Local language up gradation.


    • To develop human resource in the field of Research and Development, the centre takes initiative for the generation of man power in the field of ‘Research and Development’ sector in higher education so that skilled and technical enriched human resource could be selected for vertical up gradation and enrichment of basic and applied domains of ‘Science and Literature’ in connection with up liftment of our district, state and nation at the standard global level.
    • To encourage cross disciplinary research, applied research and cross disciplinary research are conducted at national level to serve the community at better way. The centre initiates to formulate cross disciplinary research projects to conduct applied research in collaboration with basic research for direct contribution to the human society which is in parallel with mission and vision at national level of higher education and research.
    • To translate the research output from laboratory to community, the centre conducts the projects both in ‘Science and Humanities’ so that output of the research may contribute to the society directly for health up gradation, agricultural empowerment, environmental protection, social awareness up liftment, modification in attitude and practices for generation of developed community in future.
    • To conduct a resource centre for knowledge dissemination, to reform the community in eco-friendly, the centre drives to conduct national level seminars, workshops, congress, small training programs like winter, summer school programme, science camp organization to motivate the school and college going students in R & D sectors along with hands in tool training for common people in the professional empowerment and entrepreneurship development for socio-economic evolution in positive direction.
    • To develop new domain of existing discipline in higher education, and to expand the existing discipline in ‘Science and Humanities’, the centre takes strong drive to explore new domains by data generation followed by expanding the information and knowledge bank so that horizontal and vertical expansion of new domains would be started in higher education centres as per the policy at ‘National and State’ level higher education.


The following points are :

  • History of National, Regional and Local Movement (HNRLM)
  • Asian Studies & Folk Culture (ASFC)
  • Women Empowerment & Social Justice(WESJ)
  • Tribal Heritage and Culture (THC)
  • Material Science (MS)
  • Computational Science(CS)
  • Nanomaterial & Supramolecular Synthesis and Applications (NSSA)
  • Drug Discovery Research (DDR)
  • Nutraceuticals and Functional Food Research (NFFR) 
  • Nutrigenomics, Proteomics and Metabolomics (NPM)
  • Stem Cell Research and Cancer Biology (SCR & CB)
  • Bio diversity, Morphology and Taxonomy (BMT)
  • Fuzzy System and Artificial Intelligence (FSAI)
  • Chemosensor
  • Stress Physiology, Public Health and Health Information (SPPHHJ)
  • Bacteriophage genome annotation

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Vidyasagar University

Midnapore Medical College